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On The Dot is a local initiative that readily supplies young women with feminine hygiene essentials. We want to create a safe environment that allows for honest conversation about menstrual health, as well as supply products such as pads, tampons, clean wipes and soap.
Through developing relationships with young women in the Nashville area, the void of supplies and overall knowledge of women’s health became pretty apparent. A large fraction of the girls come from homes that rely on government assistance at some capacity for support. In the state of Tennessee, the cost of feminine hygiene products is not covered by government aid. Despite the FDA classifying pads & tampons as medical devices, other federal programs list as "luxury items" along with alcohol and cigarettes. This prohibits families who qualify for SNAP (food stamps) or WIC to purchase such basic, necessary products with their EBT. 
When experiencing their monthly menstrual cycle (aka “On The Dot”), some are even missing school. Not only does their absence create an issue of truancy, but has a direct effect on their scholastic and extracurricular performances. Essentially, the future for these bright, talented young women is at risk because they simply do not have the means to meet their menstrual needs.
Our goal is to readily equip young women with hygiene essentials. We want to ensure they are clothed with dignity & strength so that they may be able to laugh without fear of the future.